“As I (= eYe) come to re.MEMBER my s.ELF,
I (= eYe) DISCover, that WE, the HUE MAN RACE is nothing else than a deSIGN;
a Genetic Hologram of Liquid Light,
that is Sound (Rhythm), Color (Vision) and Form (Creation).
I (= eYe) know, I (= eYe) Am the Uni-vers(e).AL b.RA.in.
A Sun and a Moon;
a Star, a Constellation, a Galaxy.
I (= eYe) Am Silence.
I (= eYe) beam from withIN.”
Ala Asaya

Quantum Physics has proven that our Bodies exist as a Precipitation out of an invisible, unbounded Totality of perfect Order. This Theory has been called by several names: Ether, Virtual Energy, Anergy or Vacuum State.

I call it Liquid Light. This is my definition of Zer0 point Physics & the Photonic Particles of Light (inter-laser) that nurture all Life. Floating in all Spaces as One Point {°}, that is Love, you reach a Moment of Contemplation. This happens when all Vibrations are united; when Sound becomes Silence, when Silence reflects all Cosmic Sound from within. 

Such Experience has no logical Explanation; it is although the true Awakening of the HUE MAN Star-ship, the so called Vehicle of Platinium-Gold Liquid Light, that goes beyond Time and Space reaching the Future Omega Point Atractor & unifying with the highest Dimensions of the intergalactic Wombs. 

c o s m i c   a l i g n m e n t

Since the Earth went into the 4th dimension, in the year of 2014, the Cosmic Alignment of the four co-creators (Andromeda, Alpha Centaury, Orion, Pleyades) of the Milky Way Galaxy has opened the Doorways to a Harmonic Convergence.

Now, the Past & the Future meet each other in the Present, creating a New Universe! This is a unique Moment of Illumination & Unification of the human Self with the Divine Resonance of Oneness, where the Spirit (pure consciousness) transcends the Matter (human body) to become a multi-spectrumed, a multi-layered being able to operate simultaneously in all different multidimensional perceptions, in all living Space. 

The spiritual guides of my stelar station call this process: ‘The Recoding of the Solar DNA’ or the Lotus Vehicle; the Sun/Son Light Frequency [All-Oneness wavelength], the Consciousness of pure Gold of Love PHI [Love = R, the 1.618033 Hz], the Light Body Vehicle (Starship).  

A medida que la Tierra se elevó en la cuarta dimensión, en el año de 2014, la alineación cósmica de los cuatro co-creadores (Andrómeda, Alfa Centauro, Orión, Pleyades) de la Vía Láctea ha abierto las Puertas dimensionales a una Convergencia Armónica. Ahora, el Pasado y el Futuro se encuentran entre sí en el Presente, creando un nuevo Universo! Este es un momento único de Iluminación y Unificación del Ser Humano con la Resonancia de la Union Divina, donde el Espíritu (conciencia pura) trasciende la Materia (cuerpo humano) para convertirse en un ser multi-espectro y multifacetico capaz de operar simultáneamente en todas las diferentes percepciones multidimensionales, en todo espacio habitable. 

Los guías espirituales de mi estación estelar llaman este proceso: ‘La Recodificación del ADN Solar’ o el Vehículo de Loto; la Frecuencia Sol / Hijo Luz [longitud de onda con todo Unicidad], la Conciencia del puro Oro del Amor PHI [Amor = R, el 1.618033 Hz], el Vehículo del Cuerpo de Luz (Estrella-Nave). 

d n a   r e c o d i n g 

The state of being Awake and Aware simultaneously, in all Levels & Dimensions, is a state of a full Twelve-stand Consciousness; a DNA Recoding of direct & multiple Experiences based on recorded Information of personal, collective, planetary & galactic existence, called Akashic Knowledge

DNA Recoding is an empowering & approachable process of ‘re.Membe.ring who we are’, as it allows us to function at higher energetical levels by removing Implants (programms) that have been installed in our galactic-genetic codes during our evolution as Species. Operating at full Potential of Response-ability, we increase our physic Qualities, release debilitating Emotions of Fear & Guilt, improve our Health, quicken Manifestations & live the Purpose of our s.ELF in Union with the Spirit (= EYE AM). 

DNA Recoding is not a scientific study of Evolution. It is the only Method to shift the Vibrration of the Human Potential & prepare the Light Body, the Star-ship Vehicle, for true Transcendence.

r e c o d i f i c a c i ó n   d e   a d n

El estado de estar Despierto y Consciente al mismo tiempo, en todos los Niveles y Dimensiones, es un estado de plena Conciencia de doce Filamentos; es la Recodificación del ADN de directas y múltiples experiencias en base la información registrada atravez de la existencia personal, colectiva, planetaria y galáctica, llamada Conocimiento Akashico. La Recodificación del ADN es un proceso muy poderoso y accesible que nos permite funcionar a niveles más altos de Habilidad mediante la desactivación de los implantes. 

La Recodificación del ADN es un proceso de empoderamiento accesible que nos hace ‘re.CORDA.nos que ne somos’ y que nos permite funcionar a niveles energeticos superiores mediante la eliminación de los implantes (programas) que fueron instalados en nuestros códigos genéticos y galácticos durante nuestra evolución como especie. Funcionando a pleno Potencial de Responsabilidad, aumentamos nuestras Cualidades físicas, liberamos las Emociones débiles de Miedo y Culpa, mejoramos nuestra Salud, aceleramos Manifestaciones y vivimos el Propósito de nuestro Ser Divino en Unión con el Espiritu (SOY EL OJO). La Recodificación del ADN no es un estudio científico de la Evolución. Es el único método para cambiar la Vibración del potencial Humano y preparar el Cuerpo de Luz, el Vehículo de la Estrella-nave, para la verdadera Trascendencia.

a k a s h i c    i n i t i a t i o n s  

The Center Point of Creation “I am” is equal to (eYe Am) which is a Mirror reflecting inside out.

CAYAMBEMy physical Initiations have helped me to reactivate and gain the steps of Knowledge with Discipline & great Efford. “Everything is a Challenge”, used to say my Masters. “If you trully want to reach levels of Transcendence, you just surrender”Today, as a Guardian of Light, breathing Oneness with the Fotonic Liquid Light, I can reveal my deeper Wisdom: “There are infinite Paths & infinite W®ays to reach Entligtment. You choose! But when you do, remember to be enlightened every day. This is the most difficult Part. Noone will go the Path for you, except you. I am here to show you the W®ay, as my Teachers did. I don’t need followers, I just want you to follow your H.EARt. I am not here to be honored, but to teach you to honor your Light within. This is where the true Wisdom reigns. This is what G8D.dess IS:IS.”

Andromeda Star Group: The Lotus Starship Vehicle Initiation. Antares Star Group: Intergalactic Knowledge, Space Technology, Galactic Wars. Alpha Centauri Star Group: Planetary Cellular Memory Up-loads & Downloads, Recoding of DNA, ‘Code 4D Seminars’. Sirius Star Group: Akashic Records, Guardian of Light. Pleyades Star Group: Shamanic Wisdom.

i n i c i a c i o n e s   a k a s c i c a s 

Grupo Estelar de Andrómeda: Iniciación de Vehículo de Luz de Loto. Grupo Estelar de Antares: Conocimiento Intergaláctico, Tecnología Espacial, Guerras Galácticas. Grupo Estelar de Alfa Centauri: Recodificacion de Memoria Celular de ADN, ‘Seminarios de Código 4D’. Grupo Estelar de Sirio: Acesso a los Registros Akasicos, Guardiana de Luz. Grupo Estelar Pleiades: Sabiduría Chamánica.

q u a n t u m    e n e r g y    a c t i v a t i o n 

iguasu102016 December Sun Solstice, Central Sun Planetary Akashic Re-loads, Activation of Gold and Photonic Rays (Sacred valley Peru). September Equinox, Intergalactic Portal of Andromeda, Planetary Akashic Re-loads, Activation of Emerald Light (Island of Amorgos, Greece). Cosmic Alignment 999, Island of Amorgos, Greece. June Sun Solstice, Planetary Memory Re-loads, Activation of Gold and Platinium Rays (Alps of Austria). March Equinox, Intergalactic Doorway of Andromeda, Antares & Sirius, Activation of Photonic Light (Alps of Austria). 2015 June Sun Solstice, Doorway of Sirius, Solar Disc Data Re-loads, Activation of Gold & Rosequarz Light (Alps of Austria)September Equinox, Lemurian Portal, Planetary Akashic Memory Re-loads, Activation of Emerald Light (Alps of Slovenia). December Sun Sostice, Central Sun Akashic & Planetary Memory Reloads, Activation of Ruby & Golden Light (Cotopaxi Ecuador). March Equinox, Intergalactic Doorway of Andromeda, Solar Disc Data Re-loads (Peruvian White Line Mountains). 2014 June Sun Solstice, Central Sun Akashic Memory Re-loads (Ollantaytambo Sacred Valley, Peru). Cosmic Alignment 777, Island of the Sun, Bolivia. September Equinox, Lemurian Portal, Planetary Memory Re-loads, Activation of the Emerald Heart with the Elders of the Jaguar Tribe (Peruvian Jungle). December Sun Solstice, Intergalactic Doorway of Andromeda, Orion, Alpha Centauri & Pleyades, Solar Disc Data Re-loads, Activation of Gold & Rosequarz Light, Group Meditation (Greece).  March Equinox, Lemurian Portal, Planetary Akashic Memory Re-loads (Ecuatorian Jungle in Llaganates Mountains). 2013 June Sun Solstice, Pleyades Central Station, Activation of Gold & Rosequarz Light, Mother Earth Sacred Offering with Queros & Wachuma Sacred Ceremony for Global Heart Opening & Peace (Sacsayqhuaman/Peru). September Equinox, Lemurian Portal, Planetary Akashic Memory Re-loads (Ecuatorian Jungle in Santo Domingo, Reforma Mountains) with the Tshachila indians. December Sun Solstice, Intergalactic Doorway of Andromeda, Solar Disc Data  Re-loads  (Cayambe Ecuador). March Equinox, Akashic Collective Memory Re-loads, Sacred Nagual Feminine Gathering (North Coast/Peru). 2012 June Sun Solstice, Intergalactic Doorway, Solar Disc Data Re-loads (M. Shasta), Mayan Ceremony of 13th Baqtun for Awareness of Consciousness (Sedona/USA). September Equinox, Akashic Planetary & Collective Memory Re-loads, Nagual Women Circle, Sacred Wachuma Retreat, Ceremony with Mapuche Shaman (Chakana Tempel in Cuzco/Peru), Sacred Fire Offering Ceremony with Qeros (Sacsayqhuaman/Peru). December Sun Solstice, Intergalactic Doorway of Andromeda Solar Data Re-loads, Sacred Ceremony (Intiwatana, Pisac/Cuzco).

 a c t i v a c i ó n   d e   e n e r g i a   q u a n t i c a

2016 Solsticio de Deciembre, Registros Akasicos del Sol Central, Activación de la energia Dorada y Photonica en el Valle Sagrado, Peru.  Equinoccio de Septiembre, Portal Inter-galactico de Andromeda, Activación de Registros Akasicos del Portal ‘Esmeralda’ en la isla de Amorgos, Grecia. Alienación Cosmica 999 en la isla Amorgos en Grecia. Solsticio de Junio, Registros Akasicos y Activación planetaria de la energia Dorada y Plateada en los Alpes de Austria. Equinoccio de Marzo, Portal Inter-galactico de Andromeda, Antares y Sirio, Activación de Luz Fotonica en los Alpes de Slovenia. 2015 Solsticio de Junio, Activación del Sol Central, Portal de Sirio y Pleyades en los Alpes de Austria. Equinoccio de Setiembre, Activación del Portal de Lemuria en los Alpes de Austria. Solsticio de Diciembre, Registros Akasicos y Activación planetaria de la energía Rubi y Dorada, Portal de Sol Central, Volcán Cotopaxi en Ecuador. Equinoccio de Marzo, Portal Intergalactico de Andromeda en la Cordillera Blanca en Peru. 2014 Solsticio de Junio, Activación en el Valle Sagrado de Ollantaytambo, Peru. Alienación Cosmica 777 en la Isla del Sol, Bolivia. Equinoccio de Septiembre, Activación del Portal ‘Esmeralda’ de Lemuria con los chamanes de la Tribu de Jaguar, Selva Peruana. Solsticio de Diciembre, Activación de la energía Rosada Cristal, Portal de Sirio y Pleyades, Meditación grupal en Grecia. Equinoccio de Marzo, Activación del Portal de Lemuria en la Selva Ecuatoriana, Parque Llaganates. 2013 Solsticio de Junio, Ceremonia Sarada con los indios Qeros con Wachuma y Despacho para los Apus y la Pachamama para la Apertura del Corazon del Hombre y la Paz mundial, Templo del Puma en Sacsayqhuaman. Equinoccio de Septiembre, Activación del Portal de Lemuria con los Tshallila indios, en la Selva Ecuatoriana de Santo Domingo. Solsticio de Diciembre, Activación en Cayambe, Ecuador.  Equinoccio de Marzo, Circulo Sagrado Feminino, Costa Norde, Peru. 2012 Solsticio de Junio, Activación en M. Shasta, Ceremonia Maya de 13. Baqtun en Sedona. Equinoccio de Setiembre, Circulo de Mujeres Naguales con Ceremonia Sagrada de Wuachuma con Madre Mapuche, Templo de la Luna en Peru. Templo de la Chakana en Cuzco. Ceremonia Sagrada del Fuego con los Queros indios en Sacsayqhuaman, Peru. Solsticio de Diciembre, Activación del Portal Multi-dimencional en Intiwatana, Ceremonia Sagrada de Mama Coca en Pisac, Peru. 


e d u c a t i o n                                          e d u c a c i ó n

Master of Philosophy, University of Vienna / Austria
Magista de Philosophia, Universidad de Viena / Austria

s e m i n a r s                                            s e m i n a r i o s

Starship Liquid Crystal is a workshop Seminar about Light Body Activation (2-3 days, or a month experience 1,2,3,4 levels) with the purpose to share practices and wisdom. These practices include those I have experienced from my own Spiritual path and Star-ship activation through Telepathic transmission and Physical initiations throughout the years. 

Having a better Knowledge of what light is and how matter (body) is composed, you are able to harmonize your inner self and anchor the Divine; this is the pure Liquid essence of sacred Sound, that is Space Geometry. This state of Consciousness has not occurred before in full embodiment. We have now the opportunity to go beyond our senses and become a luminous Vehicle of Golden Light for the first time ever – 4EVE®ay* (spanish)


Seminar/ Workshops in 2017:


Yoga ROOM Cusco

Light Body Activation

Seminar Events in 2016:

SEPTEMBER 12, 13 & 14th

Amorgos Greece

Light Body Activation

Please book your participation 3 months earlier!

Seminar Events in 2015:

SEPTEMBER 5,12,19 & 26th

New Spirit

Workshop / Seminar – Lichtkörper Aktivierung 

Saturday 05.09.2015, 11AM – 13PM
Lichtkörper I:  Farben und Frequenzen des energetischen Körpers
Saturday 12.09.2015, 11AM – 13PM 
Lichtkörper II: Atem und Atemübungen 
Saturday 19.09.2015, 11AM – 13PM 
Lichtkörper III: Die Lichtkörperstufen
Saturday 26.09.2015, 11AM – 13PM 
Lichtkörper V: Mer Ka Ba Kristall Körper & Rohkost Ernährung

Seminar Events in 2014:


Inti Khana Urubamba

Seminario “Starship” – Inti Khana

Por favor inscríbe tu participación una semana con anticipación.
Por mas información por favor visite: Inti Khana – Programa

AUGUST 27th, 28th, 29th 

Healing House Cusco 

“Starship” Seminar – House Healing

Please book your participation one week earlier!
For more information, please visit here: Program – Healing House


a r t i c l e s                                                a r t i c u l o s

The Lotus Starship Vehicle

Future Andromeda

Bio engl – solardisc Ala Asaya

v i d e o s


h e a l i n g   t h e r a p y   w i t h   c r y s t a l s

The crystal therapy along with the channeling of Reiki (healing palm energy) & the use of sound, such as singing bowls & brainwaves frequencies, is a profound vibrational medicine: It can restore completely the subtle energetic bodies, such as the pranic, the mental and the emotional body. It is said, that crystals vibrate the same pitch as humans, thus have the ability to delete & re-program information recorded in these subtle bodies (formed by the lower chakras from 0 to 21st year of age). In most cases, these three lower energy centers are the first to be damaged from negative emotions & thoughts, or from trauma experiences that have caused serious chronic diseases.

r e s t o r e  *  b a l a n c e  *  a c t i v a t e

I have developed a protocol of crystal therapy based on polarity energy balancing, craniosacral work, the telepathic channeling of divine energy (Reiki) & sound healing. In my sessions I use Tibetan bowls to purify & balance the energy centers, a soft Thai massage to help activate the meridians & relax the central nervous system. Crystal stones are applied according to each individual’s need & chakra’s energy. Palms are used as transmitters of cosmic light.

The crystal Reiki is approximately 60 to 75 minutes, though shorter sessions are available and can be also effective. Clients are treated fully clothed, lying down on a mat, covered with a blanket. Crystal Therapy brings following benefits: Restores the integrity and healthy functioning of the immune system, promotes resilience to stress, supporting well-being. It improves sleep & digestion, aids in detoxification. Allows physical, emotional & mental balancing, self-confidence & self-esteem. Promotes the ideals of love, beauty, harmonic vibrations & creativity. Restore the genetic blueprint, increases spiritual growth, connection to the source and higher self. Achieves life purpose.

Preparing for a Crystal Therapy Session



s o u n d    therapy

Sound is the most powerful Method of Healing & Transcendence.

Using shamanic Sounds & Brainwaves, Prayers, Songs, guided Meditations, Crystals quartzes & unconditional L.O.V.E, my healing Sessions invite you to share a unique Experience of individual & collective Rebirth, as they can be performed private or in group circle, indoor or outdoor. (read more)


s a n a c i ó n   c o n   s o n i d o

El sonido es el método más potente para la sanación y transmutación. 

Utilizando sonidos chamánicos y ondas cerebrales, oraciones, cantos, meditaciones guiadas y cuarzos de cristales, mis sesiones curativas invitan a compartir una experiencia única de curación individual o colectiva, que se puede realizar en privado o grupal en círculo, en espacio interior o exterior. (leer mas)


Sound Therapy Events in 2016

Blueprint & DNA activation with Brainwaves – Sound Guided Meditation

Friday, 23.12.2017 at 8PM / Friday, 30.12.2016 at 8PM
at Yoga Room Cusco, Carmen Bajo 222, Cusco Peru
TEL:+51 997119812


Sanación Holistica con Sonido

Saturday, 19.11.2016 at 8PM / Sunday, 20.11.2016 at 5PM
at Plaça Ramón Berenguer el Gran 2, escalera derecha, entr. 2
08002 Barcelona
TEL: +34 630 37 87 61


DNA Recoding ° Sound Therapy

Saturday, 12.11.2016 at 7PM
at Burggasse 31 im Innenhof, 1070 Wien
TEL: +43 650 46 321 88


Sound Healing Guided Meditation

Saturday, 29.10.2016 at 7PM
at Neubaugürtel 47, 5. OG; Top, 1150 Wien
TEL: +43 664 545 2960


DNA Recoding with Sound

Wednesday, 13,20,27.04 & 04, 11, 25.05 & 08.06.2016, 7PM
at Neuebaugasse 77, 1070 / 2 Flor


Sound Healing Guided Meditation

Wednesday, 12.05, 02.06, 23.06.2016 at 7:30PM
at Neubaugürtel 47, 5. OG; Top, 1150 Wien
TEL: +43 664 545 2960


Sound Healing Events in 2015

Singing Bowl Meditation

Monday, 02.11.2015 at 8.15PM
at Neubaugürtel 47, 5. OG; Top, 1150 Wien
TEL: +43 664 545 2960


The Power of Self-Love

Saturday: 17.10.2015, 8PM
at Gußhausstraße 2, 1040 Wien / Austria


Meditation for World Peace

Invocation to the Spirits of Peace. Beaming Oneness with the divine Essence of our Hearts, we expend our Light to Humanity!
Friday: 2:30PM – 3:30PM (donation!)
at Neubaugasse 77, Wien 7 / Austria
TEL: 526 52 23


Sound Healing Events in 2014

Full Moon – Awakening the Feminine Power of the Womb

Saturday 6.12.2014 & SAT. 13.12.2014, 21.12.2014, 8 PM – 10 PM 
at Leukosias & Kerinias 16, Patras / Greece. 
TEL: 2610 000 867


Since 2010, Awakening the Feminine Power of the w.OM.b with Sound Healing & Mandala Painting in public Parks, Peru/Ecuador. 

i n t e r v i e w s

Radio Cielo with José Luis Pérez-Albela, Lima/Peru. ‘Universidad Catolica’, Lima/Peru.


Our breath is not only the elixir of life in our physical environment, but also the ‘mama’, the cosmic food of our spirit. ‘The more conscious we breath, the more we feed our subtle energy body with life force.’

Enlightened masters have proven since thousands of years, that the manner by which one breaths, determined the length and quality of life, a view based on the observation of the rhythms of nature. It was thought that all living things possessed a certain number of breaths and the idea developed that slow, rhythmic breathing, by keeping the body well supplied with oxygen, contributed to a longer and more harmonious life. 

Due to the stress of planetary conditions for many people, the flow of prana, life forcehas been disrupted, resulting in conditions such as fear, worry, depression, doubt, and many other negative emotions that often lead to physical illness. When we breath deeply and easily, inhaling the pure energies of the cosmic light of the sun and exhaling all that is yet to be redeemed on the out breath, life begins to flow without struggle, as we experience inner peace and divine union of Oneness.

Daily Pranayama (breathing exercises) assist to purify and enlighten from within. For myself and personal experience, pranayama is no longer a practice, but an Offering. This w®ay, I have lost completely the sense of Gravity, entering into an absolute vacuum of Silence. Going from raw vegan in total fruterian for 8 years, even breatherian for a short time, my entire physical body has shifted into an etheric state of Consciousness, where I felt very strong connected with the Power of Light; like for instance, how Thought creates Miracles, how Divine Vision becomes Divine Creation.

t r a n c e n d e n t a l    e x p i e r i e n c e


Hatha Yoga, which means Sun & Moon in Union, is everything in life, and life has no separation from it. It doesn’t matter, if you breathe, if you meditate, if you exercise, or relax, all you do is in Union of Oneness, which is the true essence of Yoga Teachings.

My daily yoga practice is an offering & my teaching sessions a trascendental experience. Present in the very monent, the mind let go, you offer a prayer in every posture of Asanas. With deep awareness, the body becomes multi-dimentional; a vibrational language that merges the inner lanscapes (psyche) with the eternal flame (spirit). Diving into complete silence, you listen to the breath & sense how alive you are inside, how inter-connected is your entire being with your Subtle  Body.

In my own Spiritual Path it was not easy to find those answers, but with good will & discipline. That doesn’t mean, you have to suffer to achieve enlightenment. Inner joy awakens from within your hEARt, when you surrender to the bliss & offer yourself to find balance; only then, you create an auspicious energy field that helps you to enter in a continuity of actions which will raise your consciousness forever. Just remember! A true enlightened being is the one that seeks for inner Peace everyday, Ala Asaya

International Certification for Teachers Training, (Yoga Alliance) 200 RYS Ashtanga Vinyasa in Yoga Inbound International with Chaitanya Nitai Das & Acro Yoga Instructor Samantha Miller, Pisac/ Peru, 2014. Participation in Kundalini Yoga Teachers Training (5th Module) with Angat Kaur, La Paz/Bolivia, 2014. Ashtanga Vinyasa (Series I-II), in Yoga Werkstatt, Vienna/Austria, 2008-7. Traditional Hatha Yoga in Maha Vidja, Vienna/Austria 2006. Shaolin Qi Gong with Shi Xiggui in Salzburg/Austria 2000. Daoist Philosophy, Meditation, Feng Shui, Qigong, Thai Chi & Kung Fu Martial Arts with Wang Dong Feng (He Xian) from the Wu Tang Monastery in his underground Tempel in Vienna/Austria 1999-2005.

LDQ Shaolin Seminar

y o g a    t e a c h i n g s   &   w o r k s h o p s


2013 Trascendental Yoga in Kuka Hampy Wasi, Lima / Peru. 2012-2010 Qigong & Hatha Traditional in Reducto Park, Lima / Peru. 2011 & 2010 Voluntary Teachings of Hatha Flow Yoga Saraswati Ahimsa Vana.

h a t h a   &   a s h t a n g a   c l a s s e s   i n   2 0 1 5

January : Every Monday 5 PM – 6:30 PM at ASTO, Baltetziou 3 between Mezonos & Korinthou, Patra / Greece. http://yogaintown.gr



“Die and merge with the primordial Raw energy of the cosmic Womb! This is true Alchemy; this is how one can transform raw Matter into liquid Gold! This is all I have learned, this is all I know.” Ala Asaya


Shamanism is the D(o)’ORw(R)ay to Sophia’s Dream; it is the Voice of the Drum, the h.EAR.t-beat of the inner Core of Earth calling G8D*Us 4(+4) Trance-form.at.ION! It is the Knowledge that one gains, the ability to perceive something which ordinary perception can not. It is the Power of Love to walk the Path of Life with no Fear, but with absolute Freedom! 

This is the greatest Miracle of Transformation & Re-birth. It is the very moment, when the Caterpillar gets out of its Cocoon and becomes a Butterfly. It doesn’t know before, how it will be, but it is BEATY-full. When this moment comes, trust. I know, how it feels, when everything starts to shake around you, when Illusions fall apart. Do not panic. Just remember that Chaos is the Raw Energy of All Creation. When it explodes (when you step into it), there is no Return back to what it was. All that matters is the new state, the new Being!

There are many w(R)ays to master the Knowledge of Self. It is up to you, what you choose. All it needs is to follow the Voice of the h.EAR.t and have good will to search for total Freedom. Then you beam Oneness with the Spirit of the Mothership, that IS:IS EVERYTHING & EVERYWHERE, in the living Garden & in the outer Space*  

“Muere y unificate con la energía primordial del útero Cósmico! Esto es veradera Alquimia; así es como se transforma la materia solida en oro liquido! Esto es todo lo que he aprendido, esto es todo lo que sé.” Ala Asaya


El chamanismo es la Puerta del Oro al sueño de Sofía; Es la voz del tambor, el latido del corazón del núcleo interno de la Tierra llamando a nuestro Ser Divino 4 (+4) por Trans-form.aC.ION! Es el Conocimiento que uno gana, la capacidad de percibir algo que la percepción ordinaria no puede. Es el poder del Amor para caminar el sendero de la vida sin Miedo, solo con plena Libertad!

Este es el mayor milagro de la Tansformación y Re-nacimiento. Es el momento preciso, cuando la oruga sale de su capullo y se convierte en una mariposa. No sabe antes cómo va a ser, pero es completamente-HERMOSA. Cuando llegue ese momento, confía. Lo sé, lo que se siente, cuando todo empieza a temblar a su alrededor, cuando las ilusiones se desmoronan. No entres en pánico. Sólo recuerde que el Caos es la energía cruda de toda la Creación. Cuando explota (cuando entras en ella), no hay vuelta atrás a lo que era. Lo único que importa es el nuevo estado, el nuevo Ser!

Hay muchas maneras para dominar el Conocimiento del Ser. Le corresponde a usted, lo que usted elija. Todo lo que necesita es seguir a los impulsos del corazón y tener buena voluntad para buscar la plena Libertad. Entonces te sientes unificado con el Espíritu de la Madre-Matriz, que es: ¿TODO Y EN TODAS PARTES, en el Jardín vivo y en el espacio exterior *

t h e   m o t h e r s h i p   g o d d e s s   ‘n a t u r e’


The ET plant medicine bio-computer of the Embodied Mind of the Goddess, is Ab.SOL.Uterus PSYCHEdelic  (Soul Revealing in Greek). ET is known as Extra Temporal or Extra Terrestrial; in the new Galactic Consciousness of Christ ET goes beyond T.ime & Space into the in.PHI.nite Liquid Light, that ALL IS ETERNAL TELEPATH, Electro Trance, Electricity Transmit.

The Garden ‘Nature’ is a magical living Being. It gives Life, it takes Life. It circulates in 8HZ Beat per second between Mortality & Immortality. In the Garden, no.THING is labeled with good or bad. ALL is G8D.dess. All is functioning a DV9 pur(e)pose, like everything in Cosmos. If we are aware of it, we are aware about all HER goods & we are allowed to taste all HER PSYCHE-DELICS, if we have access to HER Garden which means to be in intimate Relationship with HER Divine Laws. 


Shamans are the only ones in constantly Love-affair with ‘Nature’. This is the reason why S.HE reveals HER Secrets to them that use HER Power in Ab.SOL.Uterus Respect & Crystal Consciousness for an “All is G8D.dess Alchemy”.

In order to heal, connect with the true Essence of the Divine S.PYR.IT (pyr=fire in Greek) and recode the K.NOW.L.Edge of the TR333 of Life, shamans use HER Sacred Medicine to enter in HER magical Santuary and re.MEMBER who they are, which is the Re-Union with the true Self, the Divine Being*

l a   d i o s a   m a t r i z   ‘n a t u r a l e z a’


La (ET) bio-computadora medicina de la planta de la mente encarnada de la Diosa, es: AB.SOL.UTA.MENTE PSICQUEDELICA (= Revelando la ALMA en griego). ET se conoce como Extra Temporal o Extra Terrestre; en la nueva Conciencia Galáctica de Cristo, ET va más allá del T.iempo y el E.spacio, en la in.PHI.nita Luz Liquida, que TODO ES TELEPATIA ETERNA, Electro Trance, Transmisión de Electricidad.

El jardín ‘Naturaleza’ es un ser vivo y mágico. Se da vida y la quita, circulando en ritmo de 8HZ por segundo entre mortalidad y inmortalidad. En el jardín nada se etiqueta con ‘bueno o malo’. TODO ES DIOS(A). Todo está funcionando con un propósito Divino como todo en el Cosmos. Si somos conscientes de esto, somos conscientes de todos sus bienes y podemos probar todos sus psicodélicos, si tenemos acceso a su Jardín, que significa estar en relación íntima con sus leyes Divinas.


Los chamanes son los únicos en constante conexión de Amor con la ‘Naturaleza’. Este es la razón porqué ELLA revela sus secretos en aquellos que utilizan su ‘PODER’ en absoluto Respeto y Conciencia Cristal para una Alquimia que “Todo es Alquimia de la Diosa”.

Con el proposito de sanar, conectar con la verdadera esencia del ES.PIR.ITU Divino (PYR = fuego en griego) y recodificar el conocimiento del ARBOL de la Vida, los chamanes utilizan la ‘Medicina Sagrada‘ para entrar a su Mundo magico que los hace reconocer a ellos mismos, el cual es la Re-Union con el verdadero Ser, el Ser Divino *

s h a m a n i c   i n i t i a t i o n s

Mastery of Self’ with the Nagual leader Roberto (Don Juan, The Red Path). “The Wisdom of the Womb”, Initiation by the Kogui indians, Sierra Nevada/Colombia. Teachings of ‘The Laws of Nature’ & ‘Kaku Serankua’ by the Arahuaco Mamos in Nabuzimake/Colombia. ‘Hanaq Pacha’, The Condor Initiation by the Qero indians. Yoruba ‘Orishas’, Initiation Ceremony of the Spirit of Birth with Babalawo Madeley, Santiago de Cuba/Cuba. 


In 2005, my passionate Love 2(+2) Nature & my deep telepathic C-OM.m.UNI.c.at.ION with my ancestors have guided me to the high mountains of Colombia in Sierra Nevada, known as ‘The Heart of the World‘. There, I lived with the indian Tribes of the ‘Jaguar‘ & shared with their Tradition & Wisdom. Reborn from the Divine Power of Creation, that is alive in our sacred Feminine Energy & crystalline Blue Print, I could perform Miracles, so magical & pure, like a simple touch of L.O.V.E*

Following the Rainbow, I came to the tropical Amazon forest, where I met with the ‘Taitas’ of Putumayo. The wise Shamans Grandfathers told me many secrets, one of them I had already known: “Honor the S.PYR.IT that gives you Birth & you will find your Way back to the Stars, where you came from, beloved Sea-Star!”  

i n i c i a c i o n e s   c h a m a n c a s

El Camino del Guerrero‘, con el líder Nagual Roberto (Don Juan, El Camino Rojo). ‘La Sabiduria de la Matriz’, Iniciación por los indígenas Koguis, Sierra Nevada/Colombia. Enseñanzas de ‘Las Leyes de la Naturaleza’ y ‘Kaku Serankua’ por los Mamos Arhuacos en Nabusimake/Colombia. ‘Hanaq Pacha’, la Iniciación del Cóndor por los indios Qeros.  Los ‘Orishas de Yoruba’, Ceremonia de Iniciación del Espíritu del Nacimiento con Babalawo Madeley, Santiago de Cuba/Cuba.

En 2005, mi amor a la naturaleza & la profunda comunicación telepática con mis antepasados me han guiado a la montañas de Colombia, en la Sierra Nevada, conocido como ‘El Corazón del Mundo‘. Allí viví con las tribus nativas del ‘Jaguar‘ y compartí con su tradición & sabiduría. Renaciendo del Poder Divino de la Creación, que esta vivo en nuestra Energía Femenina sagrada & ADN cristalino, he podido hacer milagros – tan mágicos & puros, como un simple toque de A.M.O.R* 

Navegando con el Arco Iris, vine a la selva tropical amazónica, donde me reuní con los Taitas de Putumayo. Estos chamanes abuelos me dijeron muchos secretos, uno de ellos ya había conocido: “Honra el ES.PYR.ITO que te da la Vida & encontrarás tu Camino de regreso a las Estrellas, de donde viniste, querida hermana – Estrella de Mar!”

c e r e m o n i e s   w i t h   m e d i c i n e   p l a n t s

The last 10 years I have been enjoying the Healing Power of the Medicine plants, such as: Yagé-Ayahuasca, Wachuma, Wilca, Rapé & Tabacco. I don’t have a preference, as each one is a unique experience for its divine purpose. 

c e r e m o n i a s   c o n   p l a n t a s    m a e s t r a s

Los últimos 10 años he estado disfrutando el poder curativo de las plantas de la medicina, tales como: Yagé-Ayahuasca, Wachuma, Wilca Rapé y Tabacco. No tengo una preferencia, ya que cada una es una experiencia única por su propósito divino.

o f f e r i n g s   &   r i t u a l s

Life is a constant Ritual, an eternal Worship. Everything is sacred Celebration of Gratitude to ourselves & to all the Elements of Creation. The more we ritualize Life, the deeper we connect with our true Essence & the SOURCE of ALL ONENESS. I have never experienced any other place, so powerful in rituals, than Peru & Colombia in South America. There, “Nature is married to the Great Spirit. I love to be part of it, because it makes me feel alive!”

wiwa children on ceremony!
Despacho’ Offerings to Mother Earth with Q’ero indians in Peru. ‘Awakening the Womb‘ Sacred Feminine Circles, Temazcal sacred Ceremonies in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

o f r e n d a s   y   r i t u a l e s

La vida es una constante Ritual, una adoración eterna. Todo es celebración sagrada de gratitud a nosotros mismos y a todos los elementos de la creación. Cuanto más ritualizamos Vida, el más profundo nos conectamos con nuestra verdadera esencia y la fuente de toda la Unidad. Nunca he experimentado en cualquier otro lugar, tan poderoso en los rituales, como en Perú y Colombia en América del Sur. Allí, “La naturaleza está casada con el Gran Espíritu. Me encanta ser parte de ella, porque me hace sentir viva!”

Ofrendas ‘Despacho’ a la Madre Tierra con Q’ero indios en el Perú. ‘Despertando el vientre’ Círculos Femeninos sagrados, ceremonias sagradas Temazcal en Colombia, Ecuador y Perú.

s h a m a n i c   c e r e m o n i e s   i n   2 0 1 6

Mayan Cacao Sascred Ceremony
Wednesday, 27.04.2116 at 7PM
Munay Mapaccho Sacred Ceremony
Wednesday, 11.05.2016 at 8PM
at Fokus, Neubaugasse 44, 1070 Vienna
TEL:0650 5911648 / www.bewusst-sein-im-fokus.at

s h a m a n i c   c e r e m o n i e s   i n   2 0 1 5

Blessing Tabaco Ceremony 
Thuesday, 24.11, 7-15PM – 21-15PM
at New Spirit, Neubaugasse 77, Wien 7 / Austria
TEL: 526 52 23 / www.newspirit.at

Blessing Waters / Alignment with the Cosmic Womb / 15:15 Quantum Portal Activation 
Thursday, 15.10, 4PM – 6PM
at New Spirit, Neubaugasse 77, Wien 7 / Austria
TEL: 526 52 23 / www.newspirit.at

Alignment with the sacred Energy of Mother Jaguar / 9:9 Quantum Portal Activation
Wednesday: 09.09.2015, 7PM – 8PM
at New Spirit, Neubaugasse 77, Wien 7 / Austria
TEL: 526 52 23 / www.newspirit.at

i n t e r v i e w s

Radio Kokamama Lima/Peru.

v i d e o s   &   l i n k s